Gua Sha Treatments

Gua Sha (pronounced GWA-SHA) is a Chinese technique that includes the use of a small jade board to gently massage, manipulate and stimulate certain energy points along the face and body to promote Qi (energy) flow and remove toxins.

The health benefits include: the promotion of lymph drainage, detoxing the channel system, restoring the normal Qi and blood flow. 

Jade Massage Facial                               $75 

Gua Sha the Body                                     $75

Gua Sha Arms, Hands and Feet             $50

Ear Candling                                              $40

This soothing and relaxing treatment helps clean accumulated debris and unwanted wax from the ear, enabling better hearing, clearer thinking, improved equilibrium and relief from sinus problems.

Ion Spa Foot Detox                                  $40 

Body detoxification is essential in fighting sickness and disease; in this treatment your feet are immersed in ions being generated in the foot-bath while neutralized particles and waste are pulled out of your body via osmosis. The powerful, natural forces at work in the Ion Spa are extremely gentle on your system and can be used with confidence and in conjunction with most health regiments.

Airbrush Tanning                                    $50

The highest quality airbrush sunless tanning solution that delivers beautiful, healthy, natural-looking tans.  Our formula dries quickly, works as an excellent moisturizer and leaves the skin feeling silky after each application.  It eliminates spotting and streaking that other solutions leave behind. Available in medium & dark.