Nail Care

At Bliss on Broadway, we take sanitation very seriously.  We strive to provide a safe and healthy environment for our customers.  We promote health and well being by strictly adhering to laws and regulations pertaining to our spa chairs and cleaning and disinfecting tools after each use. Each set of tools after being properly washed and disinfected, is placed in a clearly marked disinfectant pouch. All of our spa chairs are super quiet and are pipeless to further ensure cleanliness and guard against bacteria build-up in pipes. 

Our nails area is clean, bright and airy. We strive to provide a non-toxic and odor-free environment. Most of our clients feel safe to bring their children in for nails services.  What sets Bliss on Broadway apart are the everyday comments we get, like β€œit smells great in here!” 

Gel Colors 

  • Gel Manicure                                $30

  • Gel Manicure w/ Paraffin              $35

  • Gel Pedicure                                 $37

  • Gel Pedicure w/ Paraffin               $42

  • French Tips                                   $10

  • Gel Take off (free for existing clients returning for gel)

  • Gel take off (with new regular manicure)  $5

  • Savings on our Gel combo         $65 

Bliss Signature Nail Services

Bliss Signature Manicure                                        $20

Bliss Signature Spa Pedicure                                   $22

Bliss Signature Manicure & Pedicure                       $38

Quickie (Bliss Manicure without massage)               $18

Quickie (Bliss Spa Pedicure without massage)          $20

Aromatherapy Hot Stone Massage                  $20 / $40
15 / 30 minutes

A la Carte

Design $6+
Buff & Shine $6
Gel Removal $10
Callus Removal $10
Hot Cream $5
Polish Change $10
Polish Change French $12
Hydrating Peach Paraffin $10
Exfoliating Sea Mud Mask $6
Orange Sorbet Scrub $6
Additional Massage $1 per minute

Nail Packages

 All the Way                                    $49 / $68 / $105
Hands / Feet / Hands & Feet

The works! Sit back and relax for a complete pampering service for your hands and feet. Restores softness and uses the stimulating power of Peppermint to rejuvenate tired feet.

Blissful                                           $43 / $52 / $90
Hands / Feet / Hands & Feet

The treatment begins with our signature nail care plus an Orange Sorbet Sugar exfoliation from calves to feet, then Hydrating Peach Paraffin, an invigorating and pressure point massage to renew achy, tired feet, soothing warm towel then polish to perfection!

Forget About It                             $38 / $46 / $78
Hands / Feet / Hands & Feet

In addition to our signature Bliss nail care with callus removal, enjoy and Orange Sorbet Sugar Scrub and then glid into our hydrating Peach Paraffin. Finish with a warm towel and polish to perfection!

Hit the Spot                                    $40 / $60 / $95
Hands / Feet / Hands & Feet

Bliss Signature nail care plus a relaxing hot stone massage,
pressure point massage, warm towel wrap and polish to perfection!