Saving Face Fitness is known to be the most effective non-surgical, affordable method to erase years from the face and prevent aging.  Our treatments take the efficacy of Saving Face Fitness proprietary techniques and micro-current to a new level.  Celebrities like Cher, Christy Brinkley, Kate Moss and Jennifer Aniston (to name a few) are frequent users of micro-current and their results are amazing.  Founded by Camlynn Tran in 2012, Saving Face Fitness is the realization of her belief that we should strengthen the foundation of our face like we do our body, to maintain youthfulness without invasive surgery or spending a fortune.  Now you can!

What is it?  It’s simply a workout for the face.  We work out the muscles in our bodies to gain definition and tone.  SFF does the same for the muscles in your face through a combination of micro-current technology and research-based treatments.

How Do We Do It?  At your initial visit, SFF licensed professionals will assess your needs and provide a personalized treatment plan to achieve desired results.  Our success is based on an “East meets West” approach by infusing eastern energy flow of Qi, points reflexology, Jade Stone and Gua Sha in combination of western modalities such as bio identical micro-current to redirect muscle memories to lift, plump and tone, LED to stimulate collagen and elastin reproduction, phototherapy by using light and heat for skin rejuvenation and an all in one 30+ natural plant peptides (bloom facial) to hydrate and brighten skin tone.   After your treatment series, we encourage you to sign up for our monthly membership for professional maintenance.  Also we will coach you to continue your face work out at home with the aid of our proven line of home spa devices or manual exercises for lasting results.

How Often Should I Go?  SFF results are based on individual muscle tone and condition.  Almost everyone will notice a difference after their very first session of a well-rested and softer looking face.   Some will notice a huge difference in skin tightening and lifting and some may take more time on a desired outcome.

When Should I Start?  As soon as you start to feel it is the right time to assist with the reverse aging process or to help prevent it too.

Why Should I Do Saving Face Fitness? We invest in our hair, make-up, special anti-aging cream, why not invest in the most important part of ourselves…the foundation of our face!

Saving Face Fitness is an all-encompassing treatment program that helps you regain and maintain your youth and skin vitality naturally.

Put YOUR best face forward…experience Saving Face Fitness now!


“I can't say enough about how these treatments lift my spirits...and my face.”
“I am 65 years old and have never had a facelift (hate surgery) but my face and neck look as good, if not better, than my girlfriends who have.” 
“I have received many compliments on my skin since I've been doing it...”
“The microcurrent ... is extremely relaxing.”
“My husband also notices the difference and constantly comments on how great I look.”